Mother Patrick Convent Primary School is a Catholic Primary School.

Mother Patrick Convent Primary School was officially opened on the 11th of November 2011. The school belongs to the Archdiocese of Harare but it is run by the Dominican Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. There are 19 classroom teachers and three of them have special classes, these include music, computer, and sewing teachers.

There are four administration staff members with a composite of the Secretary, Bursar, Stockiest, and Librarian. We have seven Ancillary Staff members three Security Officer plus the School Principal bringing the total of all staff members to 42 Human Resources. Each grade level has two classes, grades one to seven and two pre-school classes. The school has an enrolment ranching from 470 to 480 students each year. Grades one to seven has an enrolment of at most thirty four pupils in each class while pre-school has less than thirty children in each class.

Geographical Community

The school is in the Capital City of Harare in a Suburb called Mainway Meadows. This area is in meadow lands formerly a horse farm. Mother Patrick Convent Primary School is the only Catholic School in Waterfalls Parish, the biggest parish in the City with four sub parishes and a main parish called St Francis of Assisi. Mother Patrick Convent School derives its name (Mother Patrick) from the first Prioress General in Zimbabwe who was called Mother Patrick Cosgrave.

It is the first school which belongs to the Archdiocese but is run by the Dominican sisters. There are 7 other primary schools in the area, one of them is yet another Dominican School called St Martins Convent Primary School. These seven schools plus Mother Patrick form Cluster 16 of primary schools under Mbare/Hatfield District Schools in Harare Metropolitan Province.